Software analytical platform has two operational modes:

1. Immediate decision-making. Immediate rejection of payment upon the excess of scoring setpoints.

2. Delay of decision-making. All the payments are conducted. the decision on the payment has being made with a delay. The payment is marked as a suspicios. The remuniration on such payments are deducted in the course of settlement with the partners. A partner does not know which transaction is marked as suspicious until a calculation and reconciliation.

There is no ideal protection mechanism,any protection can be circumvented. Therefore, our task is to complicate and to make impractical an attempt to develop the algorithms to bypass the protection. Therefore, the recommended mode is the mode number 2. Since, if during the paymentan attacker immediately sees a mistake, he realizes that protection tripped. He immediately begins to look for the options to bypass the filters.

The most rational way to complicate the access violation is to circumvent the criminal whether he passes the security tests or not. For the trespasser, the transaction seems to be accepted, but on the side of the payment system the payment is marked as a suspicious one. Afterwards, in the course of payment, the suspected sums are deducted, and the balances of affected users might be refilled.

The circumscribed approach makes the access violation a time-consuming and tedious process, since the time laps between an attempt of abuse of the system and a visible result of it can be significant ( depending on the particular payment system, it takes from a day to several months). Moreover, the delay in the decision-making allows to accumulate the information about the course of the previous activity of the violators and to provide consequently the much more accurate results.

The E-commerce market is permanently growing, at the same time the amount of fraudulent operations increases.

On-line transactions always forms a subject of special attention for cyber criminals.

The number of threats for users is extremely high. The problem can not be completely overcame.

Still, the number of fraudulent transacyions can be controlled and can be kept on an acceptable level.

Not only customers, but the trade platforms also suffer from cyber crimes

The lack of adequate response to the criminal's actions damages the reputation of both the trade platform and the payment service.

As the result, not only the reputation, but also the financial side of the business suffers.

An excessive complexity of the payment procedure as an attempt to stop the fraud leads to a decrease in usability of payment instruments.

We supply more than


transactions daily all around the world

In the 2014 year we prevented the fraud of more than


We offer the level of protection, which is so high and reliable that protects your business even from the most intelligent criminals.

Indeed,at the same time the protection we offer does not complicate the process of payment users .

We apprise the loyalty of the clients to the service.

The toolware of threat control:

Technical analysis of parameters of a subscriber

Analysis of behavoir characters of a subscriber

Analysis of the sources of network traffic for a potential threat

Proactive protection

Analysis of a subscriber's loyalty

Network analysis

The software and analytical complex is aimed at the detection of fraudulent transactions. It specifies the type of threat, rates it with a particular score (from 0 to 100) for each transaction, which indicates the probability that the character has the undesirable operation.

Our clients:

We are the team of the professional developers in the e-commerce security area since 2011. Starting from the general security audit, exploit audit and a system stress-test.

We have finally specialized in the field of security of the mobile platforms payment systems in response to the actual market needs.

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